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Why the XY arc of the Pokemon anime was the best

Hello weeblets! So today I was laying in bed watching Pokemon XY anime cracks and thinking about why the XY and XYZ arcs of the Pokemon anime were the greatest. Sinnoh was pretty good, but I have reasons that XY and XYZ are better (ahem, ahem, frickin' AmourShipping!). AmourShipping isn't the only reason, I have others, but I do have to say it plays a big role in it being better. I could come out and say, "AMOURSHIPPING AND A COOL ASH MADE THIS THE BEST!!", but I'm not going to. I don't personally find this Ash cool, but I have different standards of cool. Okay, now that we've got that over with, let's get into the nitty gritty

Before I start, let me say that you are entitled to your opinion and not to kill me with my reasons. I WANT TO LIVE!!! So reason number 1 is the characters and character development. Ash kicked some butt in this series. He also had a lot of growth between the start and finish. At the beginning, he only cared about winning and... winning. By the end, he learned that it was okay to lose and learn from your mistakes. (he took that a little to far by Sun and Moon. I'll do another post about why I hate the Sun and Moon arc.) Serena was an amazing character. She is my personal favorite Poke-girl (not just cause she's cute, i like her for other reasons too). She was really uncertain about what she wanted to do until she met people along the way that taught her things. She had LOT of growth throughout the series and I'm hoping she'll return. Bonnie was adorable and I honestly just love her character. Clemont wasn't a very good character until the end, he honestly just reminded me of Pokemon's Bill Nye until then. He used the ultimate anime theme: FRIENDSHIP. He used it to basically defeat the Zygardes (Bonnie did some too). All the characters were just great and had great character development. Reason 2 is that they made the anime a bit more mature this time. A bunch of the Pokemon fans are young, including myself, but I think they shot for the moon and landed there this arc. The AmourShipping kiss, the emotions, and the overall theme of this one made it a heck of a lot better. It really was seeming like a true anime in this arc, but then came Sun and Moon, let's not talk about that. Reason 3 is the animation. We all know what I'm talking about, it was GREAT. That's all I have. If I think of anymore, I'll definitely mention it in a future post. I just like AmourShipping, but think what you like. Bye weeblets!

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