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Who is that guy from the Crown Tundra expansion pass?

hey hey hey monkeys! So there has been some stuff leaked abut the Crown Tundra expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield, so I thought it would be a good time to cover this topic. Before we start, here's the guy that I'm talking about:

Apparently his name is Peony (I can't spell). But I have no idea where that name came from, so don't believe me. But here's the strange part: He looks like some people we know. Also he seems like the Mustard for the Crown Tundra, but his name was not revealed along with Mustard's. I'm gonna call him Mystery Man. Ok, so Mystery Man resembles two people that we have met in the past. Grant (Rock type gym leader from Kalos) and Chairman Rose. His eyes and his hairstyle match Chairman Rose, but his hair color and skin color match Grant exactly. But the hairstyle doesn't really mean anything, considering there are lots of other things discrediting him from being Chairman Rose. And Chairman Rose isn't that skinny (not fat shaming, just stating facts). So let's go to the Chairman Rose side first.

So in this picture, his eyes are clearly blurred, hinting that they may look like someone we know. clearer pictures have been released, I just couldn't find one. Mystery Man's eyes are almost identical to Chairman Rose's, meaning that they could be related. Maybe a cousin or a half-sibling? What I can say is that he. is. not. Chairman. Rose.

Next let's go to the Grant side. I have come up with a whole story because I personally like this theory better.

Mystery Man's skin color and hair color look exactly like Grant's. Grant has gray eyes, but light green (like Mystery Man's) eyes would also fit him. Color contacts possibly??? Mystery Man could very well be Grant's dad as well, but my theory for Grant is the same as Grant's dad. So Mystery Man looks like he trains rock types, as well as Grant. Here's my story for it. (we don't know how much time has passed between XY and SwSh, so we can't say he's too old to be Grant.) Grant got tired of being a gym leader in Kalos, so he handed the gym down to his son, Rocky. (he doesn't actually have a son, I came up with him by myself. I might design him sometime.) After Rocky took over, Grant went on vacation to the Galar region, or he thought it was just a vacation. He ends up meeting a person there named Callie (another made up character, she has connections with Calyrex). Callie is the captain of an exploration team, but is very ill. She needs a powerful rock type trainer to take over for her, and who better than Grant? Grant agrees and sends a letter to his wife (Viola) and Rocky, saying that he has to stay in Galar for business. Once you come along, he gets you on the exploration team, and you know the rest. His appearance, you may ask? Callie said that no one needs to know his connection to Kalos, so he has to be in disguise. He shaves his head and puts in light green color contacts. Same with Grant's dad, he's just been there for longer.

I still support the Grant/Grant's dad theory, but support whichever you want. I've always shipped Grant x Viola, so I thought I'd include it in my story. Bye

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