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Who did Zuko marry?

i thought i'd do some good ol' Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. I have watched both and this question still puzzles me: Who did Zuko marry? Also who did Sokka marry? I'll cover both. First, I'll do Zuko. Let's take a look at his children. At least i think Iroh (the young one) is his child. We know Azumi is his child. Here she is:

It is safe to say that Zuko married Mai, but that is not certain. In one of the Atla after comics, Mai had another guy as her boyfriend, so I feel like she ended up with him. Azumi looks a lot like Zuko and is Firelord, so that proves that she is Zuko's child and not just her mother's. If it even is a mother (Zukka heh heh heh). I would very much like to believe Zukka (Zuko x Sokka) myself, but I must back it up! Azumi's skin is awfully dark for a pure fire nation citizen. Zuko and her possible mother Mai both have extremely light skin. And before I say anything else, we are going to go by the laws of anime. If it was Zukka, they would adopt but since this is anime it would look like them. Just had to cover that. But water tribe citizens have dark skin. It's possible that Iroh (Zuko's other kid) and Azumi are half siblings with a water tribe citizen and Mai/a fire nation citizen as the other parent. Iroh does have light skin, so sadly that is a downpoint for Zukka. Let's move on to Sokka.

We. Have. No. Evidence. Actually maybe there is some, I just like to ignore it. Su Yin, one of Toph's daughters, looks like Sokka. She has dark skin and dark brown hair (I think), like Sokka. Her eye's are green like her sister Lin's, proving that Toph's eyes probably would've been green if she wasn't blind. I would like to support Zukka, but do what you like

That's all. Bye monkeys

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