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Welcome to an Anime Rant

Hello people of the internet! I am Alexandra and am very new to stuff like this. So please exsqueeze me if I do anything wrong. Like the title says, this is an anime rant. Today's topic: Fairy Tail. Warning: spoilers ahead! I am not trying to dis Fairy Tail, it's such a great anime! But how that one girl from the Phantom Lord guild that says "mira magic" instead of "mirror magic", it just bugs me to death! But the worst part about that is that there's a character named Mira Jane. It's like she's saying she's using Mira for magic. I am just going to try to write stuff that people can relate to, and I hope all you guys can relate to this! Here's just a little Sailor Moon joke to end it: So the other night, my family and I were playing a game. It required a host. Not like the Edo Tensei requires, no, no, no. Like a person to host the game, so I said, "When did Mistress 9 get into my house". No one got that joke.

Thank you for taking time to read this and have a sylve-tastic day!

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