• Alexandra White

Urgent AmourShipping news!!!

So I just watched the trailer for the Pokemon SwSh anime that came out recently. It had a couple of hints that Serena could be returning in this anime. She never returned in SM, and she didn't return at the Pokemon Camp, but there is still hope. Especially if we get XY remakes soon (I'll talk about that in a later post). The first one said, "rivals from around the world." That could be Kalos/Hoenn, where Serena would come in. Now, the other one's more detailed. Korrina was in the trailer. She was involved in one of the most iconic AmourShipping moments of all time! That would be the Geosenge Town picture if you don't know what I'm talking about. Her Lucario also Mega Evolved in the trailer, proving that this anime does indeed take place after the Kalos one and Serena could easily return. Of course this could also be the complete opposite with Korrina returning meaning that we've already got a Kalos girl and no Serena. But no one wants to think that. Also the rest of Fairy Tail is on Hulu and season 3 is really good. There's a partly English theme song! Sorry this is not on a Saturday, I was just really excited. As always, stay healthy and have a sylve-tastic day!

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