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hi. hi. hi. i know it's boring, but hi. so what's been going on? i am too lazy too lazy to type with caps, so if you're a grammar freak, just deal with it. i also just got a computer for myself. it's pretty nice. my home screen is Sailor Moon. weeeeeeeellllll, i know you're bored, so let's talk about something fun. anime shippings!!!!!!! i will start a series about these wonderful things. just leave a comment about which one you want me to talk about. but here are some warnings. i only know about Pokemon, Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal, Fairy Tail, and Naruto (the whole series). i won't talk about any yet because if i start going on and on about ShikaTema, i might hurt someone who is a ShikaIno fan. just let me know what you want to hear about so i don't hurt anyone's feelings. well i know i said i would be doing more posts, but i have online school during the week, so it will only be on Saturdays. so keep your distance, wash them hands, stay at home, and as always have a sylve-tastic day!

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