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The possible future of NaLu pt. 1

Hello people, cats, aliens (hopefully aliens are viewing my website), and beings of all kinds! sooooooooooooo as the title says, i will be discussing the possible future of Nalu. I will be doing multiple parts where Natsu/Lucy end up with someone else other than each other. I will include the great ones (in my opinion) such as ErLu, LuLi, and Gratsu. And I'll do ones that are unappreciated (by me, you can like them) such as NaLi, LoLu, and GrayLu. I know y'all are itching to know what today's is. I am too, bugs are crawling all over me and my legs itch! Okay, drum roll pleeeaaassee. *hostage drum rolls* LuLi!!! Ah, yes. LuLi. I thought there was no possibility of it happening, but i found one! I came up with this idea while sitting in the bath, and we all know bath ideas are the best. I will also be doing longer versions on Wattpad that have the extra details, this be a rundown. Here is some juicy LuLi. By the way, I get most of my NaLu information from a YouTube channel called Underrated Mage. I'm not advertising or anything, just thought I'd point out that I did not find this information myself. You should go check out his channel (he's clean) if you want this news too. He ships RoWen though, so watch at your own risk.

So many people ship NaLu and want it to happen, even Hiro Mashima himself supports it, but what if they didn't end up together. Hiro Mashima has dropped many hints, but he also said that there could be surprises. As in surprises, I'm thinking BIG ship turns. He has also said that Natsu will be getting a dragon form and might leave Lucy. (I don't know if he actually said that, it was on Underrated Mage's channel and I thought it would work out for this story.) With the facts out of the way, let's get on with the story. (I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.)

Everything was good at the Fairy Tail guild hall, until Lucy came in crying. She had been out to dinner with her boyfriend Natsu, as a congratulations on completing the 100 Years Quest safely. The members that had gone on the 100 Years Quest were all at home resting, except for Lucy, who was having a mental breakdown at the guild hall. Levy rushed over to Lucy."What's wrong, Lu-chan?" Levy asked with worry in her voice. "N-Natsu is l-leaving the g-guild." Lucy spit out between sobs. Everyone gasped. At first, there was nothing but silence, and Lucy crying, until Gajeel finally said something. "What?! Not Salamander!" he exclaimed. Lucy nodded her head in sorrow. Lisanna, who was helping Mira with the bar, came out into the main room. Everyone was sitting in silence, except for Lucy, who was still crying. "What's going on?" Lisanna asked. Mira put her hand on Lisanna's shoulder. "Lisanna." she said. "It pains me to say it, but Natsu is leaving the guild." Lisanna burst out in tears. Everyone else then started to cry too, not wanting to be the second one to ball their eyes out. About an hour later, no one was crying, but still sitting in silence. Lucy sat at the bar, still sobbing a bit. Lisanna walked over and sighed. She started tearing up a bit. "L-Lucy, why did he have to leave?" she asked. "He said he was going to tell you at his final goodbye." Lucy said as she wiped away tears. "But hey, who's got time to be sad. How 'bout you come over to my place tonight."

So that was the preview. Cliffhanger I know, evil huh? You'll just have to read the rest on Wattpad when it comes out. I have no earthly or other-planetly idea when that will be, just be on the lookout. Goodbye.

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