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Something Important

hehehehehehehe. I TRICKED YOU! You thought that this was going to be serious, maybe something about me or the website, but it's just Fairy Tail. So I was sitting in the bath (same day i came up with the possible future of NaLu series), and i realized something. So a lot of people ship Jerza, and even though i don't, i respect that. And yes, this will discuss Jerza and me plotting it's death. Just kidding! Not a chance that I'd show that plan to you guys. But yeah, this will involve Erza ships. So back to my awesome story. So there are different types of these sort of people. People that think Erza's straight, and people that think she's not. I myself am part of the second one. My amazing imagination (it really is great go check out my stories UwU) came up with a reason to back me up! And another while I'm writing this. I'll mention both! So first one. Erza, Gray, and Natsu like to make fun Lucy's underwear, especially Erza. She looks in the drawers voluntarily(?) and blushes when she sees them. This proves that she might feel something for Lucy, or at least used to. Second one! KagErza kiss. I don't ship KagErza, but i thought I'd still point this out. I know the kiss was censored (at least in the anime, never read that portion of the manga), but you could obviously tell that they kissed. From my memory, Erza was annoyed but did not try to stop her. Take with that what you like. So in conclusion, I think Erza is bisexual because she has shown signs of liking both Jellal and women such as Lucy and Kagura. Have fun with your utensils on June 30th. 77.

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