• Alexandra White

Review of Pokemon's return to Kalos

hello monkeys! Yes you are now monkeys. so the Pokemon Journeys episode that aired Sunday... i was really excited for it. i was disappointed. i was honestly expecting Serena to return, but she didn't. Now about the actual episode and not my disappointment, i did not like it. The battle seemed rushed and Korrina's return, well, it was what I expected it to be. Let me say this: Ash should not have won that battle. But this is anime we're talking about and he's the protagonist, so of course he did. This description is from my memory, so sorry if it's wrong. Korrina used Mienshao and Lucario. Ash used Gengar and Dragonite. Now the odds are not in his favor. Dragonite is double weak to steel, and Lucario is part steel. Lucario also knows a ground type move, which is bad for Gengar's poison type. Well they are partly in his favor with Gengar's ghost type being effective against fighting and all. Okay, they're split. So Korrina sends out Mienshao and Ash sends out Gengar. They fight for 2 seconds and then Korrina switches to Lucario. She switches back soon enough and Mienshao makes Gengar faint. Dragonite comes out and makes Mienshao faint soon enough. Dragonite vs. Lucario. Seems like a cool match, well it wasn't. Korrina mega evolves Lucario and they start to battle it out. After a bunch of attacks, there is a punch in the face to both of them with Aura Sphere and Dragon Claw. I was hoping for Dragonite to fall over, but instead it was Lucario. A replay of Ash vs. Alan(?), but opposite. Now here's why he didn't need to win. Back in the days of XY, he barely beat Korrina with Pokemon he's had for a while, and beat her easily with a Dragonite he's had for about 10 episodes. We don't know how much time has passed, but time has passed. Korrina should be stronger, and so should Ash, but he's not. He lost a lot of focus on his battling during SM. At the end of XYZ, he wasn't so focused on winning, but he was still a good battler. Where'd he go? This was not an earned win for Ash, just plot convenience. BYE MONKEYS!!

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