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My top list of Fairy Tail ships

Hello! I'm tired and want to read a Chendy fan fiction, so this will be short! Like this said, it's my top list of Fairy Tail ships! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase no hate! I might end up destroying my room if you say one of these is bad, so please don't judge meh. So number 8 is Bixlow x Lisanna. i really like this ship, but is not that canon and is basically a ship for bored NaLu and ElfGreen shippers. Number 7 is Gray x Juvia. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this ship, but Gray's not into it. Also since he's so set on destroying E.N.D (warning spoiler. Which I think he'll give up on once he finds out it's Natsu), I just don't think he has time for love. Next up for number 6 is Elfman x Evergreen. I LOVE this ship but there are better so I put it at number 6. Number 5 i say is Carla x Happy. It's so cut but there are better. Next for number Number 4 is Jellal x Erza. I just have a little bit of hate for this because of Jellal in that one episode. I still kinda hate him for not kissing Erza. For number 3 we have Gajeel x Levy. I LOVE this ship and it's the only one that we have had a kiss from (so far). Number 2 is Natsu x Lucy. I LOVE this ship and i hate NaLi. This ship is sooooooo cute and is canon so leave my site NaLi shippers. And number 1 is.............Chelia x Wendy! This is my all time favorite ship. It's my home screen on my iPod and computer. Also if you ship RoWen leave my site or if you ship Chelia and Lyon leave my site. Just leave right now if you don't ship Chendy! I'm tired so good night and bye!

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