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My top 10 Fairy Tail ships NEW

So yeah that's it. My opinions have changed over the past, I don't know, three months. I just thought I'd do a new list cause I'm bored. This will basically be a bunch of Lucy ships because i multi-ship Lucy with a bunch of people.

10. ElfGreen. I like it but it not my favorite. I just heard a noise. Was it my manly stomach?

9. Zera x Mavis. Considering Zera is, dead, this won't happen. But they did have some good moments in Fairy Tail Zero.

8. LuLi. I love LuLi but there are barely any moments

7. Gratsu. Even though they only had aboutone definite moment, it was great. Gratsu is great.

6. ErLu. Lucy defenitely had a crush on Erza at the beginning of the series (I'd like to believe she still does), but sadly their moments have gotten fewer.

5. Luvia. So the thing about Luvia that makes me love it is this: Juvia is in love with Gray for taking away her rain, but they never would've met if it weren't for Lucy, so shouldn't she be in love with Lucy???

4. Gajevy. yeah bunch of people gonna be mad at me for putting this at only number four. So they are such a great ship and probably the only one i've stuck with since the beginning (other than ElfGreen, but who else would be manly enough for Elfman other than Evergreen?).

3. Fraxus. yes Fraxus be good. i can also see it being canon considering how big of a crush Freed has on Laxus. it be great ship.

2. CanaJane. Almost zero moments, but i still love it. i just think that Cana and Mirajane go well together. i also think that Gildarts would approve of this relationship because he might get free drinks, being the father of the bartender's girlfriend and all. Also Cana would love free drinks from her girlfriend. Don't go into writer mode, Alexandra, back to the list

And at number 1... Chendy!!! When my computer dies Chendy brings it back to life. I love this ship and i think that there is no doubt it will become canon. i like it romantically, but they are great as friends too.

i might do a favorite brotps somtime, i don't know. see ya

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