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Hoi my Bois

hoi my bois! Welcome back! If you are new, I'm Alexandra, please don't be bothered by craziness. so no one commented on my last post, but just so you know, i take things like that as compliments. if you say i am normal and not crazy then i would be very offended and hit something with a bat. So, if you think calling me a big baby will hurt my feelings, it will actually make my day! but my friend really did want to comment on it, but she did not have time. i am afraid that saying her name online without her mom's permission would get me in trouble, so let's say congrats to potato! i am finally going to be talking about the ship though. i know it's been long enough, sorry about that. If you don't know what i'm talking about, go back to previous posts. also i will not be talking about everything, so i would recommend checking out other websites. today i'll be talking about how canon GajEvy is. It's amazing. I mean, we're not talking like Bisca and Alzack marriage and kid, no. Well, one of those. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news and ruin it for Fairy Tail fans that do mind spoilers like that. I don't, cause you know, IT'S GAJEVY! I also wouldn't mind it with NaLu, heh heh heh. But I'm sure if you snoop around YouTube for a little while you can definitely find this news that makes me completely overjoyed! See ya later! Have a sylve-tastic day!

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