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Welcome to the mid-afternoon weeb show with Alexandra White. Yes, this is a play on every late night show ever(green x elfman. haha like my joke? Yes you do.) I have not posted in a while because I have not been feeling well, and honestly I still don't feel great, but I didn't want to let you guys down. I'm lazy and this post will basically just be a review of what I've read of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest. story by Hiro Mashima and art Atsuo Ueda. I finished Fairy Tail and am still very sad about that, but luckily I've got 100 Years Quest to read. It is very good and I like it as much as Fairy Tail. I have only read the first two books, so if you want a full review go check out something else. There have been NaLu and GajEvy moments galore. GajEvy is officially confirmed, which makes me soooooooooooooooooooooo little blue Exceed! (Happy haha). We have a new villain named Touka. She is the White Mage, which would be the opposite of Zeref. She is my mortal enemy because she loves Natsu as much as Juvia loves Gray, so you can tell why. She is not the White Mage, but instead the White Mage is sharing her body (creepy I know). The 100 Years Quest involves dragons. I don't want to say too much cause I don't want to spoil many things. What I'm wondering about this manga is if Mio (Mavis) will be in it. And if she is, will she find out about her past life as Mavis Vermillion and perhaps join Fairy Tail? Same thing with Allios (I think that's Zeref's new name). I wonder if he will find out about his life as Zeref Dragneel and maybe reunite with Natsu or something. I don't know. No matter what happens with that, these books are amazing and I recommend reading them after finishing Fairy Tail. Bye for now!

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