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a whole new post

like my play on "A Whole New World" title? Why of course you do. I also changed my profile picture to the wonderful Mavis Vermillion! Whoooo! Give her a round of applause! And, no, the ship I will be talking about is NOT Mavis x Zeref. Sorry, but I am not a huge shipper of that. If you guessed that I am a weeb, then you are correct! But no one guessed that :(. I did not get the correct answer either. The closest one of Gajeel and Lily goes to otis336. Give him around of applause! So, the ship I will be talking about is.............................GajEvy! Yaaaaaaayyyyy! The reason I chose this one is that I love it and it's sooooo cute. It's also really canon. I'm right past the Grand Magic Games arc in the anime and I've been getting some juicy ship things. Like in the theme song, those NaLu moments! Oh my gosh! And there were sooooooooooo many more NaLu moments. There have also been some ElfGreen moments. Like when Elfman goes, "She's womanly." I just died laughing. ElfGreen is a really funny ship because one moment they could be laughing and having a good time and then the next they're insulting each other. Haha! I really debated between GajEvy, NaLu, and ElfGreen for a little while but since I had already dropped clues for GajEvy, I just did that. I will start the talk in the next post. See you then and have a sylve-tastic day!

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