• Alexandra White

a tragic story

hi, it's Alexandra at 11:21pm here to tell you a tragic story. Lemme just tell you this is a super sad story so you might wanna grab your tissue box (or bucket. whatever bakes your potato) to wipe your tears. Now, if you're a Fairy Tail fan, you probably don't cry cause we know how to see a fairy and dang i wanna see a fairy. You also might wanna pull up a picture of Frosch to make you happy after this story. Ok, here it goes...

So it all started last night. I was just being the weeblet i am and looking through pictures of good Fairy Tail ships and putting them on my computer (e.g. Chendy, CanaJane, Fraxus, NaLu. You know, the good ones). I know what I should and shouldn't do before bed, but I was still doing this. It makes me dream about ships (sometimes it's good. Night before last Gruvia was canon in my dream) when I do this. Here comes the awful part, here it comes, you ready? Okay. Laxus and Lisanna got married it my dream. I'm not the weeb to have mental breakdowns, I'm a very happy weeb, but this would've made us all have mental breakdowns. How did my mind create that? I am a proud Fraxus shipper, but LAXANNA WAS IN MY DREAM. The only thing good about Laxanna is that it repels NaLi, which is one of the worst Fairy Tail ships. The worst is obviously RoWen, we can't deny it. So there's the tragic story, hope you didn't cry but I just thought I'd share it.

Bye fellow weeblets and have a good night!


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