• Alexandra White

2020's Wrath

Hello everyone! I know you've probably heard this from every YouTuber or blogger there is, but I'm going to be addressing the COVID-19 outbreak. Soooooooo many things are closing. Like where I live, the governor is going to be closing every non-essential business in the state! That means no Zaxby's, no Chick-fil-a, no Olive Garden, and worst of all, no Game Stop. I won't be getting any new Pokemon games for a while. Also our local Books-a-Million is closing, which means no manga! It's such a disgrace. Enough about me, let's talk about how this effects everyone. All our schools have closed (Yes I still go to school, how old do you thing I am, 30?). And some churches aren't letting people in. 2020's wrath, gosh it's bad. Well since most people are having to stay home, I bet everyone's getting real bored. I've got anime, 3 mangas, and lots of YouTube, so I'll be fine. But in case you are bored, I can recommend some things to you all. Here are some animes I watch and where to find them: Fairy Tail and Naruto(and some Naruto movies) are on Netflix. Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, Naruto Shippuden, and Pokemon XY/XYZ are on Hulu. Pokemon XY/XYZ is also on Prime Video. Here are some subtitled animes that I watch: Pokemon Sword and Shield(it's not that good) and I'm guessing the rest of Fairy Tail are on YouTube. I will also be putting more blog posts on here then I would regularly (Regularly would be every Saturday.). There are also these amazing things called doujinshis on Youtube. They're about anime shippings. Not many are in English, though. Well, I think that's all I have for today! Stay healthy and bye!

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